Simple ways of combating the global warming

The UN guide to Climate Neutrality outlines ways for people to combat global warming

1.  Go for jogging in a park rather than on an electric treadmill.


2. Use a wind-up alarm clock rather than an electric one – Save 40 grams of CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) a day.


3. Dry clothes in a washing line rather than in a dryer – Save 2.3kgs of CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) per load.


4. Use a non electric tooth brush – Save 48gms of CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) a day.


5. Heat bread rolls in a toaster rather than in a owen for 15 minutes – Save 170 grams of CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) each time.


6. Take a train rather than a car for a daily commute of 8 Kms – save 1.7Kg of CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) a day.


7.  A return flight across the Atlantic is equivalent to running a car for a year for each passenger.



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