Remedy for Low Blood Pressure

• Raw beetroot juice can work wonders in controlling blood pressure. Consume it twice a day.

• Indian spikenard is very effective and must be taken in doses of 30 or 40 grains with a pinch of a little camphor and cinnamon (dalchini).

• Consume foods rich in proteins, vitamin C, and all vitamins of the B group, as they are extremely beneficial in preventing and treating low blood pressure.

• Consume salty foods and also while drinking water, put a half-tea-spoon of salt in it.

• Soak 7 almonds in water overnight. Peel them and grind so as to make a paste. Put the almonds in warm milk and consume.


One Response to Remedy for Low Blood Pressure

  1. Nagewh says:

    Thanks for sharing Info and i appreciate you.

    I would need more info regarding Indian Spikenard.
    where would i get it ?


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