How Good Are the Instant Foods?

·         Since they are eaten at odd hours—in between meals, after meals, before meals – establishing a regular eating pattern becomes impossible.

·         They are rich in artificial preservatives, which affect the digestive system.

·         Contain high levels of sodium, which is harmful for patients of high BP and heart disease.

·         Difficult to digest as they are generally made of refined flour, which is not easy to pass through the digestive track.

·         Most of them are rich in saturated fats and easily –absorbed carbohydrates, which contribute to obesity.

·         Since they are a poor source of fibre, constant consumption leads to chronic constipation.

·         If consumed regularly, may lead to deficiency diseases like arthritis, anemia, etc.

·         A common reason for stomach ailments like gastritis, acidity, ulcers can be attributed to those who consume packaged foods shelved for many days.


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